Swiss Silhouette’s Quantum Leap of Faith “Ollie”
Born 5/14/2013

And he is home in La Grande! Quigley follows in the footsteps of many previous Berners that have owned this wonderful family…May he live up to his predecessors!

May 2014-Taking Ollie to the Saturday Market was a real treat…for all his audience. Yes! He held court and was adorable, playful, and friendly! So far, he visited D and B twice, rollicked in the park and entertained people and canines at home. He has a wonderful appetite, potty training is progressing well and he makes it through the night without an accident. He loves to help in the garden, sweep the floor, hang up the clothes, and goes on verrrrry short hikes. Did I mention he loves bones? He is curious about the chickens, but they are well fortified against him. One surprising thing is that he loves water, probably due to your pool, Shelly. He is just so much fun wet or dry! The socializing that you did with the pups really pays off and he had no qualms about his new home… “So, here is my home. I adore my big sister, it looks like she will tolerate me. Life is swell”. he seemed to say. That was that! And we have been having a busy, interesting, fun time watching as he grows and changes each day. Thanks,Shelly, for all you did to ensure a confident, adventurous pup!

Omniscient – Lively – Loving – Irresistible – Effervescent

What can I say about Ollie?

This joyful boy has healed our hearts after the loss of our beloved Mutzi. From the moment he jumped into our lives he has brought laughter to our smile, incredulous hoots at his antics, and renewal to our souls.

Ollie has never met a critter he didn’t love. Perhaps he loved our new little hens a bit too much. He caught one who escaped her safety net and joyfully engaged with his new chew toy. Rolling around on his back, squawking hen clutched in his jaws, what a sight! Surprisingly, she survived and is growing nicely, no thanks to Mr. Ollie.

At 102 pounds he is a formidable force and a good worker. Here are some of the many ways he helps around the tree farm:
Pruning bushes and trees
Chasing ravens
Herding chickens
Helping to minimize the recycling
Remodeling Slippers
Evacuating squirrels from his domain
UPS driver in training (he climbs in the truck and assists in package location)
Promoting the carrot economy

Oh my! He is a strong, rambunctious boy who dazzles everyone he meets with his charm and good looks. Thank you Shelly for this amazing young dog! We have many adventures ahead of us with Ollie as we travel down this road of life.

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