Swiss Silhouette Bernese Mountain Dogs

Every Bernese Mountain Dog puppy is adorable, but there is more to a puppy than a sweet face. Behind a cute puppy is a history of health, temperament, care & planning. We are committed to continuing education, ethical breeding practices, & offering support for the lifetime of your new companion. Please view the informative pages of our website to learn more about individual dogs, upcoming litters, puppy care and much more.

Family Facts

Bernese Mountain Dogs make wonderful family pets. They are active and mature slowly. This means you will have a wonderful puppy-like pet for its first two years of life. You will want to give your Bernese Mountain Dog extra care and socialization of your pet should be done with patience and kindness.  Be sure to offer lots of guidance as Berners tend to be sensitive and eager to please. If you get a Bernese Mountain Dog, make sure you have the time to spend with it. These are not dogs to be left alone. They flourish around their “loved ones,” so plan to spend plenty of time taking walks, grooming, simply being together. As a rule, Berners are friendly with strangers, friends and family alike, although your pet will establish the strongest bond with you.

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“When we adopted our first Berner from Shelley we thought he was the ‘dream puppy’. He blessed our lives for many years and we thought nothing could replace him. Our tears barely dry we took the plunge on another puppy. This one is everything and more than our first one. Shelley and Bill have continued to improve the breed over the years and the emphasis they place on temperament for their dogs is reflected in a puppy that is gentle, attentive, inquisitive, intelligent with enough love to mend our broken hearts and share with everyone he meets. He is a ‘gift’ that we get to open every day”.  
– Gerry and Terry Rose

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Award Winning Swiss Silhouette Bernese

Award winning bernese dogs
Award winning bernese dogs
Swiss Bernese Selena New Champion

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