It’s been over 12 years and three Bernese Mountain Dogs since my husband and I first met Shelly Leary.

My husband and I are from Massachusetts and while we have a number of breeders on our coast, we have three times now chosen (and will continue to choose) to travel to Oregon and have the joy of bringing a “Shelly puppy” (as I like to say) into our family.

After losing our first Berner (not a Shelly puppy) to histiocytosis at five years old, we knew we wanted to find a breeder that put health and longevity first. After doing extensive research and talking with Shelly, we decided she was the breeder for us.

She puts a lot of time and energy into her breeding program. She is knowledgeable in so many areas: genetics, whelping, socialization, nutrition, and exercise to name a few.

No question is too small (even if you happen to ask it more than once, which I have been known to do). She genuinely cares for both the pets and the owners.

As a breeder she is professional. She keeps thorough records of their early development, engages in early stimulation by having them be exposed to different noises, people and experiences. She has a knack for placing just the right puppy with just the right family.

She is accessible and receptive to any questions you have at any stage of your relationship with her. And she loves to hear updates on how our pups are and what they are up to. As both a person and a breeder, Shelly Leary is one you can rely on and trust.

Kim Ravida